Wednesday, July 4, 2012

hey there teedle teedle!

it's been so long! i feel bad that this is the last thing i've updated. i finally finished answering questions on YT, FB, Twitter, Instagram... anywhere else? i can't remember lol. so for those that only check here and have a lot of Qs about how life has been, i do have several vids up on my vlog channel, PlasmaSpeedos talking about boot camp and A school. i plan to do a lot more.
i did get my hands on the third bundle monster set, might buy 5 or so polishes while i'm here just so i can do a teensy bit of nail art here and there.. get my fix when i'm on liberty. i'm looking to get a pretty nude .. perhaps a coral-ish nude (that might be pushing it) to wear in uniform. it depends on which MTI sees you, i've seen some females here walk around with some nasty, pink, frosted, chipped-off nails and no one has said anything to them. *shrugs* i'd say about 50% of these females have the basic french-tip acrylics too (which seems to be widely accepted in the navy.. maybe not for certain jobs.. but they are considered ''natural'' so no one says anything. tho i have grown quite fond of the natural nail.. acrylics look a bit tacky to me now. i can't judge tho, i went hard on the acrylics for 10 years hehehe so i don't hate.
how is everyone's fourth of july going? i'm on watch... well.. i mean i was hahaha. it's my ''duty day'' so i have to stand watch and muster and clean all day, can't go anywhere so i'll be missing the firework shows. it's all good, i feel honored to stand watch on this particular day!
so seeing as how i've got the new bundle monster set i plan on uploading pics of the plates.... heck i should try that today or tomorrow.
things are busy, i'm trying to transition into life after boot camp, still have a ton of stuff to handle tho regarding my schooling and status and career before i enter the fleet- but i'm super excited to do so. i haven't had a taste of the ''real navy'' just yet.. just prepping for it. forgive my absence as i don't make this a top priority at the moment, tho i hope to be in a balanced schedule soon where i'll be able to manage my time more appropriately and hang out here ;)
just wanted to touch base.. i see a few questions on some previous blog posts and i will get to those questions soon... not a priority tho because most of what anyone asked has already been mentioned by me in a video lol. i don't expect everyone to view all my vids tho, so i'll answer the Qs at a leisurely pace. i figure if the question askers want to know badly enough they can search my vids themselves. hee hee hee
ok, talk to you soon! hope to post some more pics.. here. lots of pics up on FB tho; if you aren't my friend or don't have a FB i will post some pics here soon
take care, talk to you soon!
-andrea aka plasma ;)


  1. Andrea, I'm so excited for you! Let us know when you join the fleet.

    What do they let you take with you as far as beauty products? Skin care, I'm sure, but what about makeup and, say, a nude polish? You'd have to pick a really good palette to compress everything.

    Down to the sea in ships!


  2. dear andrea,
    please read this all!

    my name is emma, i am 14 and love nail art and stuff :) and i am so excited to hear you are back with us, i recently discovered your videos in mid april, and i thought you were amazing, i watched every single video you have and thought you were even more amazing, i have waited every single day for you to get back from boot camp and its felt like ages! my gosh! im so happy that you are finally back, i checked your blog everyday to see if anything had happened but you still werent back yet but now you are :) i am such a big fan of you! you are amazing and everything (super duper pretty by the way i thought id mention that, not just saying that to make you feel good) i just got on my computer now and again my priority was to see if you were home :) i hope you had heaps of fun and tell us all about it, anyway, i dont have a youtube account yet but as soon as i get one, i would love to join into the nail art life on youtube and everything. i cant wait to see all the new videos and wish you a great weekend :) xoxo

    Emma (please reply as soon as possible) :D

  3. Hi Andrea! I am so glad that you have been making videos to update us on what has happened, it is very interesting to hear about :) I missed you soooo much :) I pray that your cough will go away soon.


  4. You're videos have on basic training have been helping me so much! It's so nice to hear perceptive of basic from a female. My older brother is a petty officer but isn't totally comfortable giving me advice because I'm not a male lol!
    Are you ever planning on bringing some of your polish collection with you when you get stationed somewhere? That's my only concern about when I leave is what I can do with my helmer filled with 300+ bottles.

  5. I love your videos and blogs! I read them all the time and I watch you videos 24/7! You are such an inspiration to all the girls that want to go into the Navy! I hope you doing well I have been praying for you and I hope you have have a great time!
    reply if you can

  6. noticed in one of your videos that you asked if any other white polishes work great with konad, and i've been trying to tell you! I use Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" it works perfectly! the polish is only about $2 and it's the only white I can get to work! it's been bothering me that i havent told you yet!


  7. I just love you and your vlogs - I subscribe to you and watch your konad videos! You are sooooo funny when you do videos you crack me up! I hope boot camp is going well :)

  8. I wanted to know out of the red angel plates and the 3rd bundle monster set which is better to you?

    1. i haven't used the 3rd bm yet, i got them tho. looking at the images i prefer the red angel ones. but it is all dependent on your personal taste. you may like the images on the BM more, you can look at them online! so which is better is completely up to you

  9. Hi andrea! I am such a big fan of you.i am twelve and I luv this nail art stuff and I do it pretty well.The only problem is that I live in Pakistan and kOnad stuff is not available there,even dotting tools and nail art brushes are not available there but u do have konad classic kit 2.Actually my uncle brought that for me from china but he dies not go there quite often please do reply as quick as you can!LoL:)

  10. Hi there... I'm looking to buy some cheapie plates, so in terms of design do u prefer the mash or shany set? I kinda torn between the two and wanted a 2nd opinion. Thanks in advance :)

  11. Hi Andrea!! I just watched on of your nail tutorials on YouTube and you were wearing a ring on your looked like wings. I was wondering where you got it? It's gorgeous!! You had French tips in China Glaze's For Audrey. I know the vid was posted 3 years ago but I was hoping you would remember it. BTW, I love your are so cute!

  12. Watched your videos on YouTube. Enjoyed every aspect of your journey in the Navy. You are smart as a whip, and you'll go as far in the Navy as you want to. I'm glad you found your calling in life...a lot of people don't.

  13. andrea i am here to let u know that my sister and i are like your biggest fans we watch all your videos not to mention you are the whole reason i started my nail polish obsesion i cant thank you enough because the nail polish world is a wonderful place every time you smile it makes me smile i love it when your happy because your smile is contagious okay im not going to get to touchy so buhbyeee