Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I wish this neon showed up!

Essie ''Borrowed & Blue''
China Glaze ''Lemon Fizz''
both soft pastels, completely contrast and complement the neon pink stripe, China Glaze ''Shocking Pink (NEON)''
If I could only depict this accurately, so so so neat in real life. Probably my most favorite color combination thus far. I woke up this morning with it flashing across my brain and I HAD to execute it!  


  1. Shocking pink is such a cool color but it doesn't look very good on my nails :( oh well

  2. these are cute! remind me of growing up in the 80's! So retro! The pink on your thumb REALLY shows up because it's kinda in the shade! love it! Now I'm gonna have to go buy some!!!!


    1. right?! i love it! my friend, jacquelyne said it reminds her of one of those windbreakers, i was like, ommmg!!! hahaha it totally does!

  3. I can see how the pink does pop! I need that color!

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  5. where did you get the stap from