Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Essie ''Navigate Her'' and a design

Essie ''Navigate Her'' the application, for me, was a nightmare. not as bad as essie ''a crewed interest'' from this collection, but it gave me some problems. SUCH a pretty color tho


how pretty is this? i made it with an iphone app. it was the most expensive app i've ever purchased at a whopping $2.99 i think? that's expensive to me anyway lolllll
the app is called PhotoShake!  kinda complicated but so fun, how neat was this collage? and i didn't even have to leave my iphone

so i decided to add some stamping since people talmbout ''i miss your stamping days''
i used plate 224 from the ''new'' *not so new anymore* bundle monster set. got the plates from bundlemonster.com

stamped with konad special polish in white, i heard insta-dry from sally hansen works  (the white) but idk how it acts comparatively as i've never tried it

it looked  a lil poo so i added blobs of pink *i say blobs bc my dots are horrible lol* with Essie Van D'Go


  1. yeah the first set compared to this one here is night and day! better quality, bigger images, backing on the plates. the first set was so so miserable lol

  2. This is so pretty and vintage like? I am going to check my plates for that design. Tnks for the inspiration.

  3. Aw so pretty! I love that you used soft colors! :D It looks great!

  4. That is such a cute spring design! LOVE IT!!!

  5. I really like this nail design....what is ur fav color from essie and china glaze?