Saturday, March 10, 2012

deactivating facebook!

so for those on FB you know i'm deactivating because i'm getting too distracted. my goal is to spruce this place up, as you know... because this will be my #1 spot to report back to in my adventures in the Navy because it's my mom's homepage on this computer here at the house. she doesn't have Facebook.. so if i do go back or not, this will still be priority. anyhoooooo now that i'm not checking 14 messages a day on fb and snooping in people's profiles *lollllll* i will have time to figure this out! i can't belive 36 of you care to follow me into the navy! in life! nails! Ryder! thoughts! bless all yous
17 push-ups and a mile and a half in 15:03 holllerrrrrr
will check in and let you know what it is tomorrow when i run, and am going to google blog ''how-tos'' right now so hopefully this will be prettier by the end of this weekend hehehe
God bless