Saturday, March 17, 2012

Color Club Holo Swatches and Video

The video about these is linked below 

Fashion Addict

Love 'em/Leave 'em


Wild At Heart

Worth The Risque


  1. Oh my lord I need some Color Club asap! lol Oh and omg thank you for following my blog you are to kind you didn't have to do that! but I have to admit I did squeal out loud when I noticed you did lol. Another thing I added you to my blog roll which is just the list of ppl I follow that shows up on the side pane. I seen yours and yours just shows a . <- yeah a period? lol Wierd huh? If ya log into your blog and then go to Design/settings/Basic/Title You can add Your title and then it will show up. Okay I bugged you enough Happy Blogging!

    1. oi! i need all the coaching i can get, i'm so new to this. thank you, i will fix my dot lollllll
      yes these color clubs are quite holo! says they aren't (grayed out on the side it says, ''not a holo'') at least it did when i purchased them. perhaps it depends on the batch. everyone i know personally that has purchased these ended up with holos tho! ;)

  2. lmao @ dot haha. They look amazing on you! and would be great for summer so I will definitely get me some! Ty for sharing :)

  3. What's a good coral pinky orange color? Having trouble finding one... Thanks!


    1. my favorite is CND guava. it's a lil muggy in the bottle, but on, it turns from peachy to salmon to pinkish. LOVE
      i got mine from :)