Friday, March 23, 2012

Cleaning My Car!

So this is a repeat for those on twitter or instagram... but I thought I'd share, here! 
Bought some stuff at walmart to clean my car. forgot to buy wax! was thinking of detailing the inside, now i'm thinking of doing the outside. i need to google some remedies to get some rust off of my brakes *you can see them thru my rims* and the rust looks terrible! anyone know any tricks? 

so it took me 15 minutes just to find a stinking extension cord, untangle it from the gate/fence to the backyard, then i had to throw the cord thru the window of my room *u can see the orange extension cord if you look carefully, omg, you can even see me! hee hee hee* and that's the wall all my polish is leaned against, so i knocked over a couple of those during this process. it was a headache lol. but as soon as i got the vacuum going i was on a roll

so i stuck the hose under the driver's seat and it made this TTTTHHWWWOPPPTTHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSS sound like something got sucked n stuck. i pulled the hose out and there was a konad plate, plugging it perfectly. it was just wide enough that it didn't get sucked thru, thank goodness. #nailpolishaddictproblems why in sam hill are my plates in my car?? i don't remember ever having loose plates in my car like that lol! i found my missing BM plate from the new BM collection tho. I kept flipping past the empty space in my holder and wondering where it could have gone. i thought i would find it when i switched rooms because i cleaned everything out so thoroughly, but it was in my car! along with a pretty necklace. i mentioned on instagram that i was thankful it sucked the plate before it got to the necklace. 

then i get to the front, passenger side; since finding random treasures i was careful to look before i stuck the hose anywhere for fear i'd suck up something valuable hahaha, so i look waaay up under the dash and see a lil something shiny...

what in the...

omg, it's my ring! my friend ebony bought it for me when i was in sacramento in 2010. i love this ring! i think the ring flew up there when i slammed on my brakes and my purse flew forward, and ... it wasn't zipped close of course. i had all kinds of things on the passenger-side floor.
i vaguely remember some asshole TOTALLY turning left, he was oncoming, so he was going across my lane. here i am.. approx 60 *in like a 45 mph zone, but that's just how i do* and he decides to cut across the road into a parking lot. i HONESTLY don't even think he realized how fast i was going *so it was prob my fault* i'm guessing he made this turn often, and saw my distance and estimated the time it'd take me to get there based on my going 45. i wasn't. lol. still tho, even if i was traveling at slower speeds, it was cutting it close. he TOTALLY cut me off. i slammed on my brakes SOOOO hard i thought my airbags were going to go off. my tires skid.. skidded? skid... skid.. whatever... i could smell my burnt rubber. we were SO close that i could see him straight in the eye, and omg he was so scared lmaaoooo! the look on my face was more like, ''REALLY? really right now, really??" hahaha totally unamused at his turn across my lane as i was oncoming. Tho i didn't feel or hear anything metal touch, i swore we did. as soon as i parked i ran around to the front of my car to see if we exchanged paint. nope! it was one of the closest calls i've ever had. God is watching over me! ok so just before anybody tries to lecture me on my speeding... lollll
since joining the navy, i've had to be on my best behavior. simply because of the amount of traffic violations i've had.. *grins* i can't get any more. no, seriously, i was a street racer. and while in the DEP program you are to report ANY police involvement *including tickets* and i just don't want that. i got my latest speeding ticket from feb 2011 put into deferment  so i went to the judge and had to explain that i was joining the military and before i processed thru MEPS in december of 2011 i couldn't have any pending court.. dates or.. stipulations, tickets in state of deferral or whatevs. This ticket that i've had sitting in deferral *look that up if you're curious, all my american drivers should know what that means* and it wouldn't be off my record until feb 2012... BLAH BLAH OMG long story short i got it thrown out so i've been driving the speed limit ever since. *looks around* yup.

back to cleaning! GAWL DARN THAT'S A SHINY DOOR. or shiney, as they spell in Europe, which i've recently discovered. :p *waves* hiiiii!!!

oh em gee, is she pretty or what? is she pretty? i can't believe i tried to sell her. i think God knew i needed a car.  I def think He knew my heart more than I did. I was thinking of the short-run and not really weighing the whole situation. They stopped making RX-8's this year, so this will be a rarity.. in... 30 years lolllll. I hope to have her that long! look at my racing pedals, i'm such a nerd lol lol lol
back in my day i was a pretend street racer. i mean, i raced... but...
you know, out in the country what do you do? find a great stretch and do a 1/4 mile race with your friends! lol
my lil dodge neon beat out my best friend and first roommate's Mitsubishi Eclipse. GO DODGE! hahahaha
so now i'm off to find some energy to shower ... hell.. i prob won't shower, i won't even lie. i'm just going to walmart and i'll fit right in without a shower there. i need to get some wax so i can give her a good washin' on the outside. when i was in LA for some period of time in 2010 i still have some yellow jet-fuel *yeah that shit falls from the sky in LA lollll who knew* and it stained my car. i've got some stuff that will get it out. we also have these little gold dots on our cars up here, sap? idk.. we don't really have trees... but all over my car there are eeny tiny iittty bitty, prob wouldn't even notice orange specks that are hard to get off. when i detail my car, i detail this baby. i will be outside with a toothpick *bc the soft wood won't' damage my paint* and i will be picking off these little specks, one by one.. and prob spend 3 hours washing my car, no lie. i do this every spring. idek why i'm doing it right now tho, since i'll be leaving her in less than 3 weeks. where she's going to be staying tho, is in a pimpin' 3 car garage next to a beautiful cadillac and idk what else. she will be protected so ima treat her good while i have her.


  1. Thats a cool ring I never saw one like that before :)

  2. 0613chinaglaze/DianaMarch 23, 2012 at 1:41 PM

    you have stamping plates in your car ahah

  3. Hi its Rachel from fb again. Your too funny girl. Rotfl. Do you by any chance know what brand that ring is or where it came from? And not ask to many questions cus I know its annoying but do you know if its hypoallergenic? I have terrible allergies to nickel. But oh my geezy that's a beautiful ring and car. <3 lookin good. Lol

    1. it's a $3.80 cent ring from Forever21 purchased in 2010. being as it's so cheap, i doubt it's nickel free, but it could be?

  4. you're a goofball. I love Forever21 too! Awesome costume jewelry!!
    So those plates you found. Did you buy them again since you obviously didn't know you had them?!! LOL

    1. no lol didn't repurchase, i didn't miss them that badly seeing as how i never stamp anymore hee hee hee!

  5. You are so funny! I just started watching your youtube vids and i just love you, and your so good at nails! OMG!!! Awesomeness!I wish i could do all that! lol