Thursday, February 23, 2012

so i have 16 friends over here now and i haven't really done much to this joint. if anyone knows any how-to sites about blogging and making it personalized and pretty i would sure love to know! i feel bad that i have friends here and this place is such an ugly mess D:
so anyhow, i got weighed in at my recruiter's office yesterday and i've gone from 148 in december to 156 right now. i'm doing nothing but working out really hard! i was a little worried because my max weight for my height is 160. the recruiter told me tho, that they get waivers all the time. right now i am doing a ton of strength training so chances are it's all muscle. muscle weighs more than fat. so if i happen to go over 160 they will test my body fat and i can get a waiver that way. i would really like to just not have to go thru all that and be under 160 so i've upped my running as of today!
that's my vent for today, ily guys. hee hee hee

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