Saturday, February 4, 2012

can you use regular nail polish with konad/stamping plates?

what brand works best?
 it isn't a specific brand; depending on the opacity of the polish and what background color you  stamp on, regular polish may or may not work.
If it's a one coater, is has a better chance. If it's sheer, probably not so good, unless on a dark background color. Metallic are usually pretty good stampers, of all brands. And I do mean metallics, not those ugly freaking frosts lolllll
Where did you get your konad? but I've seen it on amazon, and of course ebay
Where do you buy your polish?
Used to be transdesign but I don't buy much polish anymore. Here's a list of sites to buy polish, there are several more probably, but these are the ones I know, and no, I have never ordered from most them, just transdesign so any questions you have about them, email them, don't ask me cuz I have no idea  lmaaooo  where I buy zoya where I purchased all my konad  konad, polish, stamper/scrapers... anything else in the world  oh yeah, bundlemonster too  for bundlemonster  for nubar polish  nfu oh nail polish

and of course ebay for all of the above

How do you get your nails so long?
I have videos on my manicure and fave products if you care to know detail, otherwise I use sally Hansen cuticle remover once a week, and hard as hoof daily.

Do you have a facebook/twitter/tumblr?   the ''page''  personal

I'm also on tumblr but that's just the same stuff as the facebook PlasmaSpeedo page so there's no point lollll
Also on twitter PlasmaSpeedo
ALLLSSOOO good golly I am everywhere.... I have a second channel where I'm usually silly

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