Monday, January 16, 2012

I will have this set up before i leave in april!

My goal is to make this joint look hot, ya dig
all my sites will be linked here... fbs and yts, twitter, tumblr, n pinterest
you will be able to find all my ish, right here. ima try and make it real easy, the lay out, ya dig

then ima come over here and post blogs, as much as possible, as this will be one of the avenues my mom can use to see what i'm up to while i travel the world while in the navy!

a blog to try and organize all of my outlets, a blog inspired by the freedom of my thoughts, and motivated with the want to keep my mom informed of my adventures!

eff grammar, eff spelling, going easy on the cussing (tho it may happen, sorry, Ma) lollll

ok ily you all
(rn you all is just my one and only tiddle in Toronto)

but maybe my mom will join, too!



  1. Hey Dree,

    Its Estela From Facebok. I live in southern Cali. if you do end up in San Diego please call me? I would love to hang out. I know you shut down your facebook but i will email you my phone # so when you get a chance or open your facebook you will see my phone # there. will miss ya girlie!!!

    1. awww that would be lovely!!! i will pop into that facebook because i'm sure i have a lot of messages from confused people that i will need to talk to to clear things up so i will get yoru digits. hee hee hee
      so glad you came to find me here! i love that you called me dree, btw. always love that.

  2. yayyyy!!! wooo hoo!!! i will make sure you have all the digits too i gave you my home phone but i will give you all my #s this way we have a chance to hang!!! woohoo!!! please be safe!!!! we will really miss you!!!! Hope you really enjoy your Navy Exper!!!!!

    xoxoxooxoxo Dree!!
    Best Regards,