Sunday, December 21, 2014

Secret Santa

Hi. Oh. My. Gosh. It's been one year since I've lasted posted on this blog! I'm so bad at this! I guess I'm a vlogger at heart. Meanwhile...

I received this hot chocolate mix from our secret santa exchange at work. Because it's Archer Farms I'm assuming it was purchased at Target. Either way... best hot chocolate I've ever had!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I seriously need to work on this blog, lol

holy cow
i think i forgot how to use this sucker.
testing testing one two three, testing testing a b c

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

hey there teedle teedle!

it's been so long! i feel bad that this is the last thing i've updated. i finally finished answering questions on YT, FB, Twitter, Instagram... anywhere else? i can't remember lol. so for those that only check here and have a lot of Qs about how life has been, i do have several vids up on my vlog channel, PlasmaSpeedos talking about boot camp and A school. i plan to do a lot more.
i did get my hands on the third bundle monster set, might buy 5 or so polishes while i'm here just so i can do a teensy bit of nail art here and there.. get my fix when i'm on liberty. i'm looking to get a pretty nude .. perhaps a coral-ish nude (that might be pushing it) to wear in uniform. it depends on which MTI sees you, i've seen some females here walk around with some nasty, pink, frosted, chipped-off nails and no one has said anything to them. *shrugs* i'd say about 50% of these females have the basic french-tip acrylics too (which seems to be widely accepted in the navy.. maybe not for certain jobs.. but they are considered ''natural'' so no one says anything. tho i have grown quite fond of the natural nail.. acrylics look a bit tacky to me now. i can't judge tho, i went hard on the acrylics for 10 years hehehe so i don't hate.
how is everyone's fourth of july going? i'm on watch... well.. i mean i was hahaha. it's my ''duty day'' so i have to stand watch and muster and clean all day, can't go anywhere so i'll be missing the firework shows. it's all good, i feel honored to stand watch on this particular day!
so seeing as how i've got the new bundle monster set i plan on uploading pics of the plates.... heck i should try that today or tomorrow.
things are busy, i'm trying to transition into life after boot camp, still have a ton of stuff to handle tho regarding my schooling and status and career before i enter the fleet- but i'm super excited to do so. i haven't had a taste of the ''real navy'' just yet.. just prepping for it. forgive my absence as i don't make this a top priority at the moment, tho i hope to be in a balanced schedule soon where i'll be able to manage my time more appropriately and hang out here ;)
just wanted to touch base.. i see a few questions on some previous blog posts and i will get to those questions soon... not a priority tho because most of what anyone asked has already been mentioned by me in a video lol. i don't expect everyone to view all my vids tho, so i'll answer the Qs at a leisurely pace. i figure if the question askers want to know badly enough they can search my vids themselves. hee hee hee
ok, talk to you soon! hope to post some more pics.. here. lots of pics up on FB tho; if you aren't my friend or don't have a FB i will post some pics here soon
take care, talk to you soon!
-andrea aka plasma ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

See ya later gators!

So i leave tomorrow morning to drive up to MEPS a few hours away. I will stay the night in a hotel, then process thru MEPs in the morning, (long long day) and then i will land at boot camp Wednesday night the 11th.
I will be taking my cell phone with me to update mom along the way so i will try my best to make use of the blogger app on my iphone to make updates, tell you how the flight was, lol.. hopefully all the way up until the bus arrives at O'Hare airport to whisk us away until about the middle of June.
I read all of your comments, i have comments set on pending approval- so don't be frightened if you don't see your comment right away lol
i will be able to read them.. not sure if i can approve them... but in due time. just know i am seeing everything you write and i will approve all the comments as soon as i get to a real computer.. probably july.
God bless all of you and hope to update you soon here in the next 48 hours.. periodically :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Plasma Plays in 21 Ways

So here I am, sick... can't exercise, can't do much of anything but sit around. I am bored... which hasn't happened in a long time! So I decided to come up with a nail polish tag. This tag can last as long as you like it to, you can wear your designs for consecutive days, or change daily. I don't have much time here left at the house, So I'll have to change it up more often than not in order to complete my own tag game before I go.
I hope anybody that wants to play along, does. Idk how to tag people from my blog? ... hmm.. so I know I want to tag pretty much everyone, even the cuties on instagram ;)

Forgive me if this is super cheesy, I'm on DayQuil. I am, however, going to commit! So stay tuned to see how I decided I'm going to rock this list

Have y'all seen the 31 day challenge of 31 consecutive nail art? I feel like the pressure of changing your polish daily isn't for most people; especially since if you end up loving the design, you'll have to remove it in order to do the design for the following day. Which is exactly why I haven't tackled this 31 day challenge.
Well I'd like to propose ''Plasma Plays in 21 Ways''
You can do each of these daily or stretch it out as long as you like! I like to recycle manicures so you will see that a lot on this list. (a solid color one day, adding a stamp or something to it when you get tired of it a couple days later)
I find it hard to decide how to paint my nails. There are so many options and when you have as many colors as I do, the choice can be overwhelming.

Hopefully this fun list can help inspire you guys to get into your nail polish and enjoy it!

sorry about longest intro ever, i'm new to this lol

Plasma Plays in 21 Ways

1 Rock a Nude Shade
2 Add a Layer of Shimmer/Glitter/Anything You Choose, To That Nude
3 Polka Dots (get creative, do multi colors, do it over the nude from before or change your base color, go monochromatic) So many options!
4 Execute a half moon manicure!
5 Go dark
6 Stamp some metallic polish over that dark with the image plate of your choice!
7 Do a gradient of 2 colors or more (check YT for different kinds of techniques)
8 Get your stripe on. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, one, two, seven?! oh what to do!
9 Ruffian! Example 
10 Ombre nails
11 Pick a color you've never worn (I'm hoping I'm not the only one with untrieds) lol
12 Pick a green
13 Add a layer of polish over that green that you think doesn't go with it! (orange glitter?) be creative! Get ugly! 
14 Today, we will wear blues!
15 Grab a straw and do some paint splatters over that blue! One color, multicolored, whichever you please! If you don't know what I'm talking about, see this tutorial
16 Wear a pink
17 Add flowers to that pink *stamps, one-stroke, dotted flowers* you choose!
18 Wear a purple
19 Add a chevron (those triangles) to your purple! Use scotch tape if you need help!
20 Go yellow
21 Finally, add a black stamp to that yellow

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Essie ''Navigate Her'' and a design

Essie ''Navigate Her'' the application, for me, was a nightmare. not as bad as essie ''a crewed interest'' from this collection, but it gave me some problems. SUCH a pretty color tho


how pretty is this? i made it with an iphone app. it was the most expensive app i've ever purchased at a whopping $2.99 i think? that's expensive to me anyway lolllll
the app is called PhotoShake!  kinda complicated but so fun, how neat was this collage? and i didn't even have to leave my iphone

so i decided to add some stamping since people talmbout ''i miss your stamping days''
i used plate 224 from the ''new'' *not so new anymore* bundle monster set. got the plates from

stamped with konad special polish in white, i heard insta-dry from sally hansen works  (the white) but idk how it acts comparatively as i've never tried it

it looked  a lil poo so i added blobs of pink *i say blobs bc my dots are horrible lol* with Essie Van D'Go

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snow Angel!

So it snowed the other day, then was sunny, now it's cold and dark outside again. I decided to match the wintery spring with my nails!
Lynnderella ''Snow Angel'' in a gradient from the bottom of the nail, up. It's on top of Essie, ''Moon Struck''. This particular Essie is one of my fave whites. Usually when looking for a white they're too stark, crap application, too iridescent, too shimmery... Moon Struck has THEE perfect amount of pearl, in my opinion! Painting it on in thin layers, three makes it perfect!
So here are a bunch of pictures of the same manicure because i'm obsessed lol
thank you so much CW <3

it's even pretty inside the house!